Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Between the afternoon hours of 2 and 5, some people hit a lull in their mental acuity and physical stamina.

But not me, not today. I have a rolling vista of Florida’s verdant greenery unfolding before me as I sit in the bedroom of the ZriiVost and gaze out the large windows. Guitar riffs of Guns N Roses are flowing from my iPod to my one functional eardrum. Add to that the fact that I have been refueling regularly with Zrii mini bottles all along our drive today from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, and you have a perfect recipe for awareness at a whole new level!

I am not sure what our ETA in Fort Lauderdale is this evening, but if the trip really is 12 hours as indicated by our GPS guidance, we should be pulling in at about 7PM. That should leave us time for a light dinner and perhaps a nighttime stroll on the beach.

So, who doesn’t love Florida? Ask this question sometime to a group, and the silence will be deafening. There is so much to love here, especially for a member of Zrii Nation. With a booming population, a large number of entrepreneurial-minded people, and a health conscious mentality, the perfect storm (don’t read hurricane) is brewing for Zrii in The Sunshine State. And that perfect storm will spill over into our final two stops on the 2008 ZriiVost Tour in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Our Florida builders have been consistent and very active since our pre-launch last fall. My fellow Co-Founders and I have made several trips here over the past year, and we absolutely love our Florida leaders! Bill Farley also loves Florida and spends a good deal of time here.

As we prepare for the next two days, our hearts are full of appreciation for the examples set by our IEs in Atlanta. We had a special meeting there last night in the open and airy CNN Center, which briefly became the ZriiNN Center. As many times as Deepak Chopra has been on CNN, that name seems appropriate!

In a city famous for big brands (Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, CNN, etc.) we are excited that this group of early adopters will make Zrii the next iconic brand in this classy city. Once again, we were privileged to spend time with 7-Stars Alvaro and Gloria Buitrago (who will be at EVERY stop on this leg of the tour). These two dynamos are a living, breathing example of the American Dream and they are a blessing to have in our family. Dave Matteson of Colorado Springs, on par to become a 7-Star this month, was also on hand. He was in town to train a new group of IEs he has recently sponsored in the Atlanta area. It is always a treat to work with Dave.

As we met with an enthused group of IE leaders on the ZriiVost after the meeting, the takeaway was clear. The opportunity in Atlanta is enormous (or as Kirby would say, gynormous)! We look forward to seeing a surge in this area in the near future, and many return trips for us that this will create. See you again soon!

Well, Guns N Roses has now been replaced with James Taylor, clear as ever in my noise cancellation headphones. They say you can tell a lot about someone by the music on their iPod. Right now I am enjoying a triangle of Guns N Roses, James Taylor, and Andrea Bocelli. Dichotomy plus one. Like our incredibly diverse and enjoyable group of Zrii IEs, great music comes in many forms, each with a valuable element to contribute.

Time to sign off for now. We are closing in on the famed Gold Coast, where the buildings reach high, the warm ocean glistens, and the Zrii flows freely.


Clint (Foghorn Leghorn, Foggie, Clintus Maximus, etc.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palmetto and Peaches

Greetings once again from the ZriiVost! This time we are cruising down I-85 in the always hospitable American Southeast.

Yesterday we began the final leg of the 2008 ZriiVost Tour in Greenville, South Carolina. In the Palmetto State, we felt blessed for being so well received in the land of sparring Gamecocks and Tigers. (For the uninformed, those would be the mascots for the University of South Carolina and Clemson, respectively). An enthusiastic crowd was on hand last night to take in all things Zrii. In terms of percentages, we may have had the largest group of guests ever at a ZriiVost stop. 5-Star David Huerta, an emerging leader in the Hispanic market, was on hand with a group of very attentive guests. Other local leaders were also present with team members and guests, including 5-Star Dr. Connie Godenick and 3-Star Derrick Jones. We were also privileged to be joined by 7-Stars Alvaro and Gloria Buitrago, who made the drive up from Atlanta to be with their team members. Alvaro and Gloria always bring such a fresh and inspiring spirit with them wherever they go.

Everyone in attendance loved the video we showed of 10-Star Marc Shinsato picking up his new BMW, which is reimbursed each month by Zrii. From the BMW reimbursement program, to the Hawaii incentive trip, to the new Zrii Office, to exciting sales tools, to the telling of the Zrii story, the meeting crackled. And what a treat for this group to hear from Scientific Advisory Board member and Zrii formulator Daniel Rhoda! I love sharing the stage with Daniel. He brings an even keel, straightforward authenticity to the Zrii family. It sets a tone of realness that resonates with people everywhere. Add to that his unique and pleasing brand of humor, and it’s little wonder he is in such demand in the field. (I must add this though…even though he knows that the battles between our rival high schools in New England normally end with my school on top - in both sport and academics - he is so good about it!)

Zrii IEs, guests, and the corporate staff enjoyed mingling on the ZriiVost after the meeting with healthy snacks. The ZriiVost makes for an iconic photo backdrop, and many cameras got a workout last night. Flash after flash after flash illuminated the stately coach and scores of smiling Zrii family members standing in front.

The South Carolina group was also introduced to our new Sales Director, Jon McGarry, our new Sales Manager, Brandon Day, and our new Events Coordinator, Taylor Kirby. Yes, Zrii has been busy making many key hires and promotions lately, and these three key corporate players are evidence of that.

Well, we just passed over the state line into Georgia, and I am hungry for a peach. I have to say, I love peaches. I love how sweet and juicy they are. Even when they are a little tart, peaches always satisfy. After I get my fill on peaches, I look forward to our meeting tonight at the Omni Hotel in the CNN Center in Atlanta. As most everyone knows, Atlanta truly is a world-class city, and the business capital of the South. And tonight, it is the setting for our next ZriiVost stop! Look for my report tomorrow, which I will write as we make our 12 hour ride in the ZriiVost to southern Florida.

Bye for now,

Clint (Clintus Maximus, Foghorn Leghorn, etc...)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Start Spreading The News...

Thursday night we wrapped the second leg of our three leg 2008 ZriiVost Tour with our seventh stop. And we couldn’t have picked a more iconic place than New York City. With six stops in the past two weeks now in the rear view mirror, the ZriiVost made its inaugural trip through America’s largest and most famous city.

As soon as we hit Manhattan, my cell phone began to light up with unexpected text messages, with notes from friends who were hearing from their friends that the ZriiVost had just driven by! Case in point, here is a text message I received Thursday night from IE Dr. Robert Gonzalez from San Diego, CA:

“Hey bud. Hope U R having fun. My daughter just recvd a text from a girlfriend who said ‘a bus just drove by with that Zrii stuff you have in your house.’ Love the synchronicity!!! Love you guys!!”

(The feeling is mutual Robert. Looks like you, Ann, and the Drs. Boettcher will hit 9-Star in June! Wow!)

Though the streets of Manhattan were packed, and our driver Steve Gainey had to make many heroic sharp turns in the land yacht, we were safe at all times. Through it all our beautiful ZriiVost did not suffer a single nick.

Over at the Metropolitan Hotel at a little after 7:00 PM, we were greeted with a capacity crowd of nearly 200 people, who rushed to their seats in a wave of energy when the doors were opened. It was great to see 7-Stars Art and Kathleen Duel and many of their team members. By the way Art, your special presentation to me of a New York Yankees hat was appreciated, notwithstanding the fact that I will never wear it. Here’s the god news: Kirby, who grew up watching Maris and Mantle in the “House the Ruth Built” has been wearing it a lot, and he thanks you! Field Advisory Board members Frank Triola (soon to be 7-Star) and MJ Anderson (soon to be 7-Star) were on hand with large numbers of team members and guests. Oh my, were there ever guests! At least a third of the crowd was checking out Zrii for the first time. And what a first exposure they had. From the wisdom of SAB member Daniel Rhoda, to several touching IE testimonials, to a visionary call to action from my fellow Co-Founder and Zrii GM Kirby Zenger, the meeting sparkled.

Hats off to our leaders of NYC and beyond who made this special meeting happen. You delivered a great event, and your teams, in and around what is arguably the world’s greatest city, are blossoming as a result.

After the meeting, several “meetings after the meeting” broke out, with teams huddling and making plans for the next several weeks. Many people made commitments to attend the Rising Star Academy August 15th and 16th in Salt Lake City. You could sense the genesis of several large groups in the room, as motivated leaders shared their goals and plans with me and the other Co-Founders.

Keeping the ZriiVost parked on the curb on Lexington Ave proved to be a bit tricky. But through some shrewd negotiating with the Metropolitan staff, we were able to keep the ZriiVost in front of the hotel long enough for many iconic photos and special coach tours for scores of IEs and guests.

After the meeting, we cruised in the ZriiVost over to Times Square where we would spend the weekend. Nowhere on earth are some of the world’s most iconic brands on such an iconic display as in Times Square. And the ZriiVost did not just “fit in” – it shined! The Zrii brand stole the show Thursday night, front and center on branding’s grandest stage.

The ZriiVost garnered nonstop looks, double takes, photos, and “ooohs and aaahs” form the throngs as it took its stately ride in front of tens of thousands of people (Midtown was packed!). Red traffic lights were our friends time and time again, as they afforded more and more people the opportunity to take in the ZriiVost in all of its splendor. Of course, you will soon see this all for yourself on Zrii TV! Our videographer Kyle Burdash was on hand and got some awesome video.

The next few days were a treat for Curtis, Ryan, Kirby, and me, as we were joined by our better halves in the Big Apple. After so much time touring away from our families, it was a nice to get caught up and take in all things New York. Daniel Rhoda also stayed a few extra days in what he calls his “second home.”

Well, we are currently at 35,000 feet, somewhere over the Fruited Plain on our way back to Salt Lake. Before we took off, I got an email from our driver Steve Gainey, who had just returned the ZriVost to our Draper headquarters. His email made me smile, and I think I’ll share some excerpts:


After 5,400 miles, 14 days, and 14 states, the ZriiVost is back in Draper… This was an exciting time for me. It was a pleasure to be of service to everyone and I felt very appreciated. There are some things that stand out from this trip…One was being able to meet Bill Farley in New Hampshire. Another was the BBQs and when Ryan Thompson put on his martial arts demo in Rochester…and what a blast it was to drive the ZriiVost down through Manhattan!”

Your driver,
Steve Gainey “Team ZriiVost”

P.S. Being a part of making history is GREAT!”

Steve, on behalf of Bill Farley, the other Co-Founders and staff members of Zrii, and tens of thousands of IEs everywhere – many of whom you have now met and befriended – thanks so much for everything you do to make the ZriiVost Tour such a smashing success. I hope you enjoy some down time with your sweet wife in California.

As we wrap the second leg of the ZriiVost Tour, I am filled with gratitude for this incredible endeavor in which we all play a role. Zrii is a transformational movement. Our IEs in the field are creating prosperity and greater health everywhere as they share our incomparable story, the best ever told in our industry. What a blessing it is for me, my partners, and our entire staff in Salt Lake to play a small part in serving you along the way.

I am looking forward to this coming week! I love the 4th of July. This week, Bill Farley will be honored with the prestigious Freedom Award, given each year by America’s Freedom Foundation during the annual Gala at America’s Freedom Festival. All of you will be hearing more about this honor in the coming weeks. He will also be honored at the world renowned Stadium of Fire on July 4th, which will be broadcast across the Armed Services Network to hundreds of thousands of our troops around the world. Thank you Bill, for your embodiment of what is possible in a free market system. As Chris Gardner has said, you “embody the American Dream.”

After the Freedom Festival, it is back out into the field again! I plan to attend Prosperity Meetings in Northern and Southern California, as well as Hawaii, before we gather with 22 special couples for our inaugural incentive trip in Cancun, Mexico on July 18th. My partners will also be in California, as well as Arizona and Florida before the Cancun trip. We look forward to seeing you in the field soon!


Clint (a.k.a. Foghorn Leghorn, and as I have now been dubbed due to weight loss, Macaulay Culkin)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Together in Titletown

If the Patriots had been able to hang on and win the Super Bowl, Boston would currently hold three championships. I am not sure if that has ever happened for a city - three teams holding major sports titles at once. As it is, with the Celtics and Red Sox, Boston has two - an honor certainly worthy of the Titletown name.

We arrived in Boston early afternoon yesterday. After a few hours of meeting preparation and some intense work in our rooms with laptops, we were ready to greet a lively throng of New Englanders. The meeting was terrific - filled with energy and enthusiasm from some of the most committed IEs in the Zrii family.

As I review my previous blog entries, it seems I give you the same basic information about the presentations in the meetings - about what was said and who said it each night. The flow of this meeting was similar to the others, and of course had a special feeling that is unique to this area and our leaders here.

In this blog entry, however, I would prefer to simply share my feelings with you about the people in Zrii and what they mean to me. And for that matter, what the people in Zrii mean to all of us.

To me, network marketing is all about people. This business does not happen remotely, holed up in a remote room somewhere. And while Zrii is definitely a home-based business for tens of thousands of people, it is not a business that happens only at home. Zrii is a community of like-minded people all across North America, and in the coming years, all around the world. We have all been attracted to this community, because for some reason, we have felt its magnetism. Something about Zrii has moved us emotionally, and it has moved us enough that we have taken action. We have gotten involved, shared it with people we know, love, and even with people would never have known had we not had Zrii to share with them. And of course, we gather! We gather in living rooms, we gather around kitchen tables, we gather in backyards, we gather in restaurants, we gather in community centers, we gather in hotels, we gather on tours, and we gather in style at major corporate events.

There is magic in the gathering. When we converse eye to eye, press flesh, share hopes and dreams, struggle together, and celebrate our proudest moments together, we grow in ways that can be transformational. The experiences we share infuse us with new energy, give us renewed purpose and resolve, and make us all a force for good.

Is our revolutionary product providing health benefits and balancing mind, body, and spirit? Is our exploding business providing a platform for people with goals that span the spectrum to realize rich financial rewards? Do opportunities for leadership, providing and receiving mentorship, and personal development abound? Yes, yes, and yes - emphatically. But in the end, the aspect of this endeavor that is most rewarding to me is the continued interaction with some of the best people in the world, many of whom have become dear friends.

These were my feelings as I looked out over 125 New Englanders last night - and a few that came from as far as Aspen, CO, Stockholm, Sweden, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

We have seen over 1,000 of you so far on this leg of the tour. And we look forward to seeing even more of you tonight in the Big Apple. As we cruise down the 95 through my home state of Connecticut, we are excited to enter Manhattan in a few hours in the ZriiVost, and to take this branding icon down the streets of the biggest city in America. We are thrilled to be joined on these last two stops by Kevin Larson, Senior Director of Marketing and Events, and by Kirby and Debbie Zenger, who joined us in Boston after flying in from London. Our GM Kirby may be the "steady influence," but he has done little to calm the youthful energy on the ZriiVost. He has actually added to it! What a treat to have Debbie with us on the bus.

We look forward to being joined by other Co-Founder spouses soon, as Michelle Thompson, Kamy Call, and Heather McKinlay will be joining us this afternoon in New York. After the meeting tonight, they will spend a few days with us in New York before we all head back home on Sunday, ready for an exciting new week filled with all things Zrii.


Clint (Foghorn Leghorn, Macaulay Culkin, and Curt Schiling - if I can utter that name in New York!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Golden Land

Just north of Lake Winnipesaukee, beyond a few rolling hills rich in vegetation, there is a beautiful body of water known as Squam Lake. This lake was the setting for the movie "On Golden Pond". Squam Lake is visible as part of a sweeping, scenic vista from the portico of the Fitzgerald home in Center Harbor, NH.

Their 300 acre property, two hours north of Boston and completely unmolested from encroachment of any kind, served as an idyllic setting to play host to a special social activity last evening - with the ZriiVost front and center. Bathed in lights that would be suitable for Fort Knox, the stately coach was consistently filled with IEs and guests. A group of cars nearly a quarter mile long lined the long driveway, which was organized and patrolled by the local police. Well over 100 IEs and guests filled the big white tent where a full scale luau left everyone fed and happy. With a calypso band, dance floor, and even a clown for the kids on hand, there was something for everyone.

Speaking of the dance floor, we will never forget the dance moves that Ryan Thompson busted out. If you have not had a chance to either observe or dance near Ryan, that moment could be a special one in your future.

Everyone appreciated the appearance of our Founder and CEO, Bill Farley, who made the drive up from his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. So many new IEs and their guests had an opportunity to spend quality time with Bill, and everyone was able to hear him speak for a few minutes on his ties to this region and an update on the record breaking growth of Zrii.

The highlight of the evening came when the local IEs presented a large cardboard check to the Zrii Foundation. This was a complete surprise to us, and will be a blessing to hundreds of disadvantaged children. Donations totaling over $4,000.00 were presented, all submitted by members of our gathering last night. This was a powerful emotional moment and a sign of generosity from the IEs in attendance. On behalf of the entire Zrii corporate family and the children whose lives you will touch with this money, thank you so much for your kindness.

It was great to see so many emerging IE leaders from northern New England. It was also a treat to have 7-Star Art Duel, Keith Fitzgerlad's enroller, in town from Fairfield, CT. As I looked out over the crowd and observed all of the engaging conversations going on, I couldn't help but think that the scene in front of me was best summed up by the now iconic words of Kirby Zenger on the Stars Aligning DVD when he said, "This is network marketing how it was supposed to be!" Notwithstanding the violent thunderstorms brewing in Boston and southern New Hampshire, the weather in Center Harbor cooperated, and the festive gathering went well into the night. What a treat for all the guests in attendance, to be exposed to Zrii in such a delightful way.

This morning, after a sound night's sleep in the Fitzgerald guest house, Ryan, Curtis, and I went for a beautiful 3-mile run along the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee, in and around the quaint town of Meredith. What a lovely setting. I must say, after running a few times in Colorado Springs last week, our lungs appreciated being filled with so much abundant oxygen.

After returning home to a delicious breakfast of Dutch pancakes, we took a few Jeeps down to a clearing on the Fitzgerald property and shot skeet with some very powerful shotguns. I think we were all impressed with how many clay pigeons we hit. Skeet shooting is not a typical activity on the ZriiVost tour, much less back at Zrii headquarters where we seem to spend the rest of our waking hours. So, we were quite happy with the targets we hit. OK, it would be more accurate to say the targets we blew to bits! Hey, we even impressed Keith, who shoots skeet a bit more than we do, so we were pleased to gracefully avoid embarrassment.

As we head down 93 southbound to our stop tonight in Boston, we are filled with gratitude to 7-Stars Keith and Francine for hosting such an outstanding event. Thanks again on behalf of many, many people.

We lok forward to seeing many of you tonight at the Burlington Marriott!


Clint (i.e. Foghorn Leghorn, Macaulay Culkin, Curt Schilling, etc.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New York Upstate of Mind

Well, what a day we have had on the ZriiVost. We left this morning at 6:00 AM, and as I type we are heading north on I-93 in New Hampshire. We are 7.5 hours in to the trip today, with just an hour or so remaining before we pull up to the Fitzgerald residence, where 7-Stars Keith and Francine Fitzgerald will host a luau. Early scouting reports indicate that this event will be brimming with several hundred people, complete with a large white tent, calypso band, pig roast, and even entertainment for the kids. Who knows, a Zrii Prosperity Meeting may even break out. A large number of Zrii IEs, scores of guests, and of course, plenty of flowing Zrii will keep the party moving. We can't wait to get there very soon and begin this iconic party!

But first, I must say something about our growing Zrii family in Upstate New York. You are inspiring! We had a packed room with pulse quickening enthusiasm last night in Rochester. The energy was terrific. Even though we struggled with our first A/V snafu of the tour, no one seemed to notice, and we did not miss the videos at all. We made up for it with some of the most touching product and business testimonials any of us have heard - and we have heard a lot. The emotion on display was evidence of a close-knit, tightly bonded family of like-minded entrepreneurs who are supporting each other in every way.

Andy Kirsch, have you ever started something here. Andy enrolled the well known networkers Joe and Jackie Vona, who have since helped build a vibrant team in the Rochester area and beyond. From southern Ontario to Binghamton, their team drew a crowd of exceptional people to the meeting who have all felt Zrii's magnetism, and who have thrown in with us in building a billion dollar brand.

One of last night's highlights, along with the moving testimonials, was the presentation of Master Distributor and 10-Star Jason Domingo. His words were clear and concise, and his message unmistakable. How fortunate we all are to be in the right place at the right time in Zrii. Daniel Rhoda once again has the audience mesmorized with his own story of personal healing, and the make-up of Zrii's product formulation. Curtis kept things moving with the ease of Billy Crystal as our MC, and Ryan I shared some exciting corporate announcements. With the best local field leaders, Jason Domingo, Daniel Rhoda, and Co-Founders all sharing the stage, who needs videos anyway?

We all stayed up late in and around the ZriiVost, taking pictures and talking about best practices in building the Zrii business. We absolutely loved hearing the mindset in Rochester that our heros in law enforcement have brought to the Zrii family. Thanks so much for the dozens of members of the RPD and your families for your unique and powerful contributions to Zrii. Your businesses are set to flourish.

We all can't wait to be in an Upstate of mind again soon! We look forward to returning often.


Clint (Foghorn Leghorn, Macaulay Culkin, and as we head into New England - Curt Schilling)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Backyard Bliss

Greetings from upstate NY! Curtis, the Ryans and I got in at about 5:30 PM local time yesterday, and after checking in to our hotel, were immediately whisked away to the beautiful home of Al and Tia DeRosa in Rochester. Cars were parked as far as the eye could see in their neighborhood. Fortunately, there was room for us to park on the grass to the side of the driveway. Over 75 people in the ever expanding organization of Joe and Jackie Vona showed up for the food and fun by the pool.

Some of Rochester's finest were on hand, including Dave and Kathy Lipinczyk (first IEs enrolled in Rochester!), Joe and Angel Neidert, Brad and Marcie DeWal, Dave Debole, Mike and Brenda Dunbar, Fed and Mary Ann Stiles, Rick Schoberlein, Frank and Julie Showers, Kathy Crandall, and of course, Joe Vona's enroller, Andy Kirsch! Okay, so I missed a lot of people, but that gives you an idea.

Great food, splashing in the pool, a spontaneous game of whiffle ball featuring both adults and children, recipe sharing, and of course brimming Zrii enthusiasm took us into the night.

One of the culinary highlights of the evening was "Bud's Dip," which has a legend all its own, and of course, Kathy Crandall's chicken wing dip. This chicken wing dip was all the buzz when we arrived at the party. But when we tried it for ourselves...oh my, I can still taste it. Incredibly delicious! Thank you Kathy for letting me share the recipe with all of Zrii Nation. Write this down everyone, and you will be the most popular person at your next party:

Chicken Wing Dip

1 1/2 cups Buffalo Wing Sauce
1 8oz. block of cream cheese
1 1/2 cups blue cheese salad dressing
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
5 boneless/skinless chicken breast
cooked and shredded

Heat all the ingredients, except the chicken on the stove over medium heat until well blended. Then stir in the shredded chicken. Serve in a crock pot to keep warm with crackers and celery to dip.

Thanks again to Al and Tia DeRosa for playing hosts to such a great party last night. The energy and the company were delightful. You created an evening that will never be forgotten!

Many of our family members here are in law enforcement, keeping Rochester and surrounding areas safe. We always feel so secure in their company. They are some of the best people we know, with great values and a very strong work ethic and sense of mission in Zrii.

We enjoyed a sneak peak at the ZriiVost with a few of our leaders in the area last night before retiring. We also threw our arms off with that football as the kids ran under the lights. Angel Neidert, if only we all had a tight spiral like you! I think even Curtis was jealous of your John Elway-esque motion. Can I mention Elway's name this close to Buffalo??

There is so much excitement around Zrii in this area, and it is very contagious. Our hotel here is right off the 390, the main artery going through Rochester. Text messages around Zrii Nation here have been a blaze the past few days with the ZriiVost in the parking lot of the Marriott. We can't wait for the meeting here in a few hours. Hope to see you there!

Type to you tomorrow,

Clint (Foghorn Leghorn). Some people even call me Macaulay Culkin ?!?!?

P.S. Hats off again to our driver, Steve Gainey, who on this leg has logged 2280 miles - so far. Not quite half done. Nice work Steve! He can tell you all about the heartland, including Denver, Omaha, South Bend, and Cleveland. Steve is a total pro!